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Men Are From Mars – Women Are From Venus LIVE!

This live comedy show is more than just the book. The actor in the show relates to the audience as someone who resisted the Mars/Venus work for years, but then he meets John Gray – now his experience leads him to share with others how he sees the relationships of men and women from a very humorous perspective.

This hysterical 90-minute show will have couples elbowing each other all evening as they see themselves on stage. Presented via different vignettes, topics will cover everything from dating to marriage to the bedroom!

"The best part for us was the conversations it launched with laughter. No matter what kind of couple you are, there's those moments of "OH YOU SO DO THAT!!" that make the tiny problems a bit more bearable, and what more could you really ask for in a night out?" - Broadway World

a picture of Amadeo Fusca laying on his belly on a stool during the show Men Are From Mars Women Are From Venus.
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